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I am a seeker.  I have always been a seeker. I seek truth and light.

When I was 8 years old, I stumbled upon The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka; a story that portrays a world that is hostile and absurd.  Even at such a tender age, this seemed wrong.  So I became a seeker.  I needed to find meaning in my life, my world and the lives of others.

Through the years, I studied the major and minor religions, strode the gamut of world philosophies and absorbed the sciences and the pseudo-sciences.  I sat at the feet of the enlightened and the brilliant, the shamans and the diviners.  I became a Metaphysician.

I hold a Juris Doctor degree and I was a very successful lawyer for many years.  During those years, I continued to seek and learn. Because of my lucrative investments, I no longer need to work.  I can finally devote my time to giving back to a world that gave me everything one could ever want.  I can now help others in my own small way.

I have met the charlatans. I have encountered the tricksters and the frauds.  I have seen the vultures and the hyenas.   Many now populate the internet.  I created this website and others like it to help those who wish to learn the answers to questions that have puzzled humanity for thousands of years; who am I?, why am I here?, why do I act the way I do? I have found the answers.  My lifetime of searching and seeking is available to you… at an incredibly low price.  This is my way of returning the great cosmic favors bestowed on me.

I now live in the Yucatan, the land of the Mayan Prophecies, where I continue my research and studies. I await December 21, 2012 with great anticipation, knowing that it is not a time of fear but a time of positive change for all humanity.

Feel free to communicate any thoughts.

Peace be unto you.

Dr. M. H. Patrick
Yucatan, Mexico

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