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5. Those with a Life Path Number of 5 can find themselves easily bored with everyday routine. They frequently seek change. They also thrive in environments that allow for freedom, fun, adventure and travel. Often described as the "life of the party", it is important for 5s to always be busy and involved in exciting pursuits, otherwise they risk the chance of turning to drugs, alcohol, gambling or other vices for stimulation. Common career choices include professions in advertising, publicity, communications, new ventures and sales.

6. Those with a Life Path Number of 6 are often noted for their nurturing spirit. They continually seek to find a good balance between giving and receiving. Because of their magnetic personality, others often look to 6s for advice and counsel. Common career choices include jobs in the service industry, medicine, and anything to do with decorating, remodeling and personal makeovers.

7. Those with a Life Path Number of 7 tend to be dissatisfied with taking anything at face value and feel compelled to observe, analyze and study virtually everything they encounter. Because of their studious nature, they can be seen as loners and even mysterious by others. Common career choices include teaching, computer programming, and any profession that requires a great deal of analysis, deductive reasoning and technical ability.

8. Those with a Life Path Number of 8 greatly value money, power and success. And, as you would imagine, they tend to like life's finer things. However, because of their attraction to material wealth, 8s have a tendency to be workaholics and often put their work pursuits ahead of their personal interests. Common career choices include senior level management, financial advisor, real estate broker or any position of authority.

9. Those with a Life Path Number of 9 are considered natural leaders and are perceived as the person in charge even when they are not. This is due to 9's humanitarian interests and need to understand. A person with this Life Path number strongly desires to treat others in the manner he or she would like to be treated. Common career choices include international business, the arts, education and health.

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